The Reunion at Mansfield College, Oxford - 4th July 2004
About 30 former Bucklanders made it to the reunion at Mansfield on 4th July, where 40 years and more of history were rolled back and old acquaintances renewed.   Some people hadn't changed at all, while some seemed to have gained a little in "stature".  

We are still collecting photographs and impressions (please send them if you have any), but here are a few to whet the appetite in the meantime:

Having got over the fear of greeting people after forty years, my added congratulations and thanks for the effort of putting we motley crew together again.  Two car loads of us went out after the meal to have a look at the old building.  It was sadly neglected and derelict.  Having spent time remembering past misdeeds...."remember when X puked all over the Bampton room..."etc  we went our several ways.  A good memory to add to the others.
Andre, Susi and Guy
The righteous remnant